The Underdog Season Volume One” is a gospel music compilation CD created by a collective of artists known as ‘The Underdogs.’ Our purpose is to counteract the prevailing influence of music that promotes negative themes such as sex, drugs, and despair in today’s entertainment industry. We are driven by a mission to replace these harmful messages with a compelling selection of positive gospel music, thereby inspiring and empowering the next generation of youth. Our aim is to provide them with a musical alternative that fosters spiritual growth, instills moral values, and ignites a sense of hope. By amplifying the voices of gospel artists and spreading the message of positivity, our project aspires to make a lasting impact on the cultural narrative and guide our youth towards a path illuminated by inspiration and faith.

Street Church

by JusB V.O.G Feat. Luke G & Big Rissa | Underdog Season Vol 1

He's So Good Remix

by February Hill Feat. JSIII | Underdog Season Vol 1

100 MO

by Surv Squad Feat. Baker The Legend, Anna Surv, J-One, John Henry, Playa P,& E-Surv | Underdog Season Vol 1


by Mike Gz Feat. Luke G & Hi Lite Real | Underdog Season Vol 1

Lovely Day Remix

by Dj Network Feat. Luke G , JusB V.O.G, February Hill | Underdog Season Vol 1

Hands Up

by Dj Network Feat. E.Dot & T.R.U | Underdog Season Vol 1


by Ladies In Full Effect Feat. Minista Todd | Underdog Season Vol 1

Bonus Track: Street Church Remix

by Dj Network Feat. Luke G & Big Rissa | Underdog Season Vol 1